Organizing and technical committees


Organizing Committee

N.V. Odintsovahead of R&D of Institute "Aviation technology" of MAI
R.Yu. Klinovskydirector of the Directorate of Advanced Scientific Programs and Projects of MAI
S.A. Serebryanskyassociate professor of the department "Aircraft Design and Certification" of MAI
M.B. Bulakinadirector of IT-center of MAI
S.S. Krylovdirector of Institute "Information Technology and Applied Mathematics" of MAI
I.G. Bashkirovhead of department of TsAGI
A.A. Kataevhead of Laboratory "Mathematical Modelling" of MAI
E.V. Nazarovhead of Department "Composite Materials" of MAI
D.I. Smaginhead of laboratory "Energy systems" MAI
M.V. Shkurinsenior lecturer, MAI
I.V. Polovinaspecialist, MAI
M.A. Pogosyanrector, Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia (co-chair)
A.V. Efremovprofessor, head of department "Flight dynamics", Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia
A.T. Osyaevprofessor, Russian University of Transport (MIIT), Russia
V.N. Bakulinleading Researcher, IPRIM RAS, Russia
D.Yu. Streletsprofessor, head of the Directorate "Supersonic", Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia
Yu.A. Ravikovichacting Vice-Rector for Research at MAI
S.L. Chernyshevscientific director, Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, Russia (co-chair)

Tech Committee

M.V. Shkurinsenior lecturer, MAI
I.V. Polovinaspecialist, MAI
S.A. Kantimirovspecialist, MAI
D.A. Prokopenkoassistant, MAI
G.A. Korolevlead engineer, MAI
A.I. Bashkirovaspecialist, MAI