International Conference

on High-Speed Transport Development (HSTD 2022)

August 29 - September 2, 2022

Conference, OEC MAI «Alushta», Alushta

September 4 - September 9, 2022

Field sessions of the conference, federal territory «Sirius»

General information

Starting from August 29 to September 2, 2022, as part of the action plan for the implementation of the Program for the Creation and Development of the Supersonic World-Class Research Center for 2020-2025, the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) is holding the 1 st International Conference on High-Speed Transport Development (HSTD 2022).

The relevance of the conference is connected with the formation of a national base of fundamental knowledge necessary for the development of key technologies for creating new types of high-speed transport, including new generation supersonic passenger aircraft.

Issues and topics discussed at the conference will also be interesting to innovative activities carried out in all industries where fundamental, search and applied scientific and technical tasks of creation high-tech and competitive products are solved. Participation in the conference will allow specialists, graduate students and students to present their achievements, build effective communication with enterprises, scientific and educational institutions in Russia and abroad, and discuss with leading experts the main trends in the development of high-speed transport.

Following the results of the conference, сollection of abstracts will be published in Russian and English. Also conference participants have the opportunity to publish their papers in the conference proceedings published by one of the world's leading publishing houses with indexing in the international Scopus database.

Formats of participation in the conference

The conference will be held in a mixed format. For participants who do not plan to attend the conference in person, a video conferencing connection will be arranged. Publication of abstracts and papers in conference proceedings is possible only for participants who have made presentations in full-time or remote formats.

The conference will be organized in the following areas:

  • Markets, requirements, concepts for the implementation of the high-speed transport of the future;
  • Functioning models, modeling, software and hardware platforms for solving problems of high-speed transport;
  • Design solutions, design implementation, weight analysis;
  • Energy and power systems of high-speed transport;
  • New materials, production technologies, future considerations;
  • Unmanned vehicles, predictive analytics;
  • Intelligent control and flight safety issues;
  • Certification, operation, after-sales service;
  • Mechanics of transport systems.